Meet Alex

Alex was born to challenge traditional banking and champion simpler, fairer, faster and better value savings and lending products.

We are a team of experienced and passionate Australian bankers, technologists and designers creating a new and innovative digital bank for you.

We come from diverse backgrounds, but we’re united by shared values and principles:

We’re focused on your needs not ours
We’re here to help improve your financial well-being and lifestyle
We’ll meaningfully give back to your community
We’ll always try to make things simple and fast
We’ll always be approachable, up-front and honest
We’re humble but brave enough to break the status quo

Digital first but Human too

We may be 100% digital, but that doesn’t mean we’re not human!

We’re using the latest cutting-edge technology to create great products for you and a seamless customer experience backed with personalised service. And we’ll always keep improving based on your feedback and suggestions.

We Get You…

We’ll always try and understand what’s important to you and why. To get you as a person, but also help get you more of the things in life you care about.